Imagine a place where you could order lush, intricately designed floral centerpieces; Where you could rent all of your wedding day place settings, glassware and décor; Where you could know ahead of time exactly what your reception tables would look like, eliminating all the guesswork out of your wedding day vision. Where you could also rent ceremony décor, unique backdrops, and custom signage; Where you could have an event designer style your event the day of, so you didn’t have a single worry (besides the whole getting married thing

Now imagine that you can find this all in one place. Sounds too good to be true, right?! Me, have an event designer? Wayyyyy out of my budget. but what if I told you it wasnt?

 My goal in creating Pretty Little Wedding's tablescape collections was to give every bride and groom the chance to have their dreamy pinterest wedding, without the not so dreamy price tag. 

All you have to do is choose the collection that you've been dreaming of, and
Email me with your favorite collection, date and guest count. Do you see something that's missing, or do you want to change the colors slightly? Let me know & we can come up with a customized look made JUST for you!  FAst forward a few months And voila, on wedding day all you've got to focus on is getting married, and I've got your wedding reception set-up covered. Need help with other design elements for your wedding day? Let me know! I am so excited  to offer custom wedding day design in addition to PLW's tablescape collections. we can create an entire wedding day made just for you.  
It really is that simple! 

Hi there! I'm Missy, an interior designer by trade, once upon a time wedding planner, event designer and a girl who is slightly obsessed with all of the little details of a wedding (seriously, designing tablescapes is my happy place). I drink entirely too much diet coke (I WISH I liked coffee) and use way to many !!!!! Wedding day is my favorite day; I love seeing months and months of planning and designing come to life. And I love, Love, LOVE the look on your face when you see the space we have created together. When I am not dreaming up new wedding designs, being curled up on the sofa with my son, husband and Mickey Mouse sounds like my ideal night (well maybe replace Mickey with The Bachelor and you get the idea). I absolutely love that I get to spend all day, everyday working with amazing couples (friends) designing their happily ever after. The concept of Pretty Little Wedding Co. came to me as a former bride (and even wedding planner!!!) I remember feeling overwhelmed with ALL of the choices. Pinterest (while heaven-sent) was intimidating, I felt that I needed to do and be all of the things! I needed to buy this, and rent that to make my wedding look as perfect as all of the wedding boards I was creating. I was working with so many amazing wedding vendors, but finding the time to coordinate everything, buy what I couldn't rent, and style everything the day of my wedding was just too much! I was determined that as a wedding planner, I would make that process SO much simpler for my brides. And I did, but I still thought that there was something missing. There had to be a way to make wedding planning easier, to make it more streamlined, to make it more affordable. Every bride (& groom) wants the same thing, a BEAUTIFUL wedding and a kick-ass party (oh and to be married of course!) Now, while I can't help with the actual getting married part, I can help you design the wedding of your dreams! 

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You're not the only one! 

Now imagine that you can find this all in one place. Sounds too good to be true, right?! Me, have an event designer? Wayyyyy out of my budget. but what if I told you it wasnt?