Frequently asked questions

Will you work with my venue coordinator/wedding planner?
Absolutely! We like to be in the mix as much as possible to ensure that the design of your wedding day is flawless and that everyone is working with the same timeline!

How does delivery work?
We happily service Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Virginia. We require a $750 rental minimum for all delivery orders under 50 miles away. Orders over 50 miles away will require a $2000 rental minimum. Orders over 90 miles away require a $3500 rental minimum. Orders over 120 miles away require a $5000 rental minimum. 

Delivery and pickups will take place as determined by Pretty Little Wedding Co. Dates on your contract are strictly placeholders. You will be provided a 2-hour delivery/collection window approximately one week prior to your event date. Our professional delivery team handles all furniture assembly, setup, breakdown and pickup. Tableware is drop-off only unless previously arranged otherwise. 
Requests for delivery/collection the day of the event, after hours, or delivery/collection at specific times will result in an additional fee. An additional fee will also be charged for deliveries that do not have direct parking or require the use of stairs/elevator.

Do I need to wash the dishes or glasses before being picked up?
Nope! We ask that all dishes be cleared of any food particles, and glassware be empty and packaged back in the crates they were delivered in. But as for the actual cleaning, leave that to us! One less hassle for you to worry about! 

What if something breaks or is lost during the event?
We get it! It happens. We offer an optional damage waiver on every order for any normal wear and tear, stains, and rips. The damage waiver does not include damage due to neglect such as loss, rain damage, misplaced property, etc. If the item breaks, or is misplaced, there will be a replacement cost of 5x the rental cost to replace the item.

Still have unanswered questions?
Contact us and let us know! Or send us an email at or at 443-988-3095! We will happily answer any remaining questions you have!