Frequently asked questions

When should I place my order?
We recommend reserving once you decide on the items you are interested in to ensure the best selection! We are only able to place holds on final decisions. So while we can’t hold 200 goblets for next spring, we can certainly reserve 200 Dusty Blue Goblets for May 15th, 2025 with a 50% deposit. We are able to make adjustments as inventory allows up to 14 days before your event. Our best recommendation is to secure what you know you want and need, and add items as you get further into final details. This saves your spot on our fast-filling delivery schedule and also makes sure your must-haves are reserved!

How do I start the process?
Our website makes it easy for you to start planning and dreaming with a wishlist! Start by browsing items and when you find your favorites, add them to your wishlist by clicking the “+” button above each item on the gallery page. You can also click on each individual item to see the pricing and click on the “Add to Wishlist” button on that page. After you’ve selected your items and the quantity you need for each, hit “submit wishlist.” At this point, our form will ask you for your contact information as well as a few quick questions such as your event date and venue.
When we receive your wishlist of pretty little things, we will reach out within 48 hours with a proposal and details for the next steps.
Not ready to submit a wishlist? Use our contact form for any questions or give us a call at 443-988-3095.

Do you have a showroom?
We are happy to schedule an appointment for you to tour our showroom and select your rentals in person! In order to get the most out of your appointment, it can be helpful to submit a wishlist first. This way we can check availability and place a hold on the items you are interested in. Don’t worry, you can definitely make changes once you see everything in person!

How do I start the floral process?
We absolutely love florals. Love them. Our floral design packages start at $7,500 and while yes, this is absolutely an investment, we will work with you to make sure your florals are exactly what you’ve envisioned for your special day! Please contact us for more information if you are interested in a custom floral proposal.

Do you offer calligraphy services?
While not in house, we work very closely with Molly Z Calligraphy to personalize mirrors, escort displays and much more. You can rent the signage from us and then work directly with Molly to come up with the design. We will coordinate getting the item to and from Molly for your delivery or will call order.

What items are eligible for Will-Call?
Will call is available for smaller orders that do not hit delivery minimums and are easy to transport. Bars, lounge, chairs, accent walls and other large items are not available for Will-Call due to the potential for damage. Will-Call items are available for pick up on the agreed upon date- typically the Thursday or Friday before an event- and returned by you on Monday following your event! (PS-- This is a great errand for you to delegate!)

Will you work with my venue coordinator/wedding planner?
Absolutely! We like to be in the mix as much as possible to ensure that the design of your wedding day is flawless and that everyone is working with the same timeline!

How does delivery work?
We happily service Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Virginia. We require a $750 rental minimum for all delivery orders under 50 miles away from our warehouse. Orders over 50 miles away require a $2000 rental minimum. Orders over 90 miles away require a $3500 rental minimum. Orders over 120 miles away require a $5000 rental minimum.

Delivery and pickups will take place as determined by Pretty Little Wedding Co. The dates on your contract are strictly placeholders. You will be provided a 2-hour delivery/collection window approximately one week prior to your event date. Our professional delivery team handles all furniture assembly, setup, breakdown and pickup. Tableware is drop-off only unless previously arranged otherwise.
Requests for delivery/collection the day of the event, after hours, or delivery/collection at specific times will result in an additional fee and must be coordinated at the time of reserving the items. An additional fee will also be charged for deliveries that do not have direct parking or require the use of stairs/elevator.

How should I return my rentals?
Please make sure to round up all your items into a central location! No need to wash your items, but do scrape any food bits and empty glasses. They should then be placed back in the racks or bins they came in and left together at a spot easy for our delivery crew to find!

What if something breaks or is lost during the event?
We get it! It happens. We offer an optional damage waiver on every order for any normal wear and tear, stains, and rips. The damage waiver does not include damage due to neglect such as significant loss, rain damage, misplaced property, etc. If the item breaks, or is misplaced, there will be a replacement cost of 5x the rental cost to replace the item.

Sponsorship & Charitable Donations
As much as we’d love to sponsor each and every event that aligns with our values, we can only fit a few into our budget each year. Please feel free to reach out with any requests for us to review and we will do our best to accommodate your sponsorship needs if possible!

Still have unanswered questions?
Contact us and let us know! Send us an email at or give us a call at 443-988-3095! We will happily answer any remaining questions you have :)