We specialize in garden-style, lush and over the top arrangements. We love flowers and the beauty that they bring to an event and can't wait to share that beauty with you! 

The unique combination of place settings, d├ęcor and florals will create a one of a kind look that'll leave your guests wow-ed. 


We recommend repurposing as many of your ceremony elements as possible. Move that arch behind your sweetheart table; use your aisle markers on the bar; and try the bridesmaids bouquets on the cake or gift table! 


There are so many floral design options that can make your ceremony one of a kind. Traditional wood arch with floral accents; grounded floral arch that can be repurposed as centerpieces; an over the top hoop arch covered in greens & flowers? We can do it all. And for the most important walk of your life...the aisle. Rose petals, greenery garlands or fluffy pampas grass, we can design a look that you'll never forget.


1. Personals (this includes: bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower girl baskets, etc.) 
2. Ceremony Flowers (this can include: arch/arbor arrangement, aisle markers, aisle runners, etc.) 
3. Cocktail Hour Flowers (this can include: cocktail centerpieces, bar arrangements/greenery garlands, escort displays, etc.) 
4. Reception Flowers (this can include: centerpieces, hanging installations, cake flowers, etc.) 

What to consider when planning your floral budget:

Bouquets & Boutonnieres - the quintessential flowers of your wedding day...and in my opinion the bigger the better. If you are looking for a lush, full bouquet, look no further. I am your girl! Pink peonies, fluffy pampas and tropical protea are my jam (and I just love incorporating them into your designs)


1. Best place to splurge: your head or sweetheart table. This is where your photographer (and your guests) are going to be focusing their attention all night!
2. Mix and match centerpieces. If you LOVE the elevated, over the top centerpieces but don't have the budget for 20 of them, I recommend pairing these with a simpler candle centerpiece. You still get the effect without the huge price tag! 
3. Don't forget about the candles! Whether you are a fan of the taper look, the chunky pillar candles or a simple votive, the glow of the candlelight is like no other, and shouldn't be overlooked.

A few suggestions:

Ahhhh! The reception. Let's talk tablescapes and centerpieces. Are you a fan of a greenery garland? Or do you like the traditional floral arrangement? Maybe you like them tall? Or are you more into candles? How about a combo of all of the above? Paired with a one-of-a-kind place setting from our large selection of rentals and you've got yourself a tablescape. Your centerpieces are a perfectly acceptable place to show off. Let's do it! 

just because flowers

The "just because" flowers, as I like to call them. The wow-factor, show-stopping pieces that aren't really necessary, but boy do they make an impact. From front door installations, hanging greenery and floral chandeliers, tent poles wrapped in greens, bars covered in flowers or a flower swing...yes a floral swing. Why not treat yourself (and your guests) to a unique floral experience designed to keep them talking, and your wedding in their minds for years to come. 


Custom floral design services begin at $7500.